Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Yarra Valley CWA: October 2014 and October 1953

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Here we are, half way through Spring of 2014 and the Yarra Valley CWA branches have been busy all year with various projects. We have run stalls at local events, held special days to raise awareness and funds for particular issues, heard from guest speakers about a wide variety of topics from family violence to post-polio syndrome, provided assistance (either monetary or material) to families and groups locally, nationally and internationally and greatly enjoyed each other's company along the way. At this time of the year our branches start reflecting on the previous year's efforts and looking towards our goals for the next twelve months. It's time for Annual General Meetings, paying of subscription fees and planning what activities we want to get involved with in the next year. A fresh start, a chance to focus on new projects and, as always, a great time to welcome new members.

In the spirit of reflecting on the past, I thought I'd bring to you a little snippet from the history of the Yarra Valley CWA. An article published in the Healesville Guardian on October 16th, 1953, 61 years ago, shows us a very different CWA to the one we have in operation today. The article reports on a drama festival which was used as a fundraiser at the time. The number of branches competing was impressive, the audience of 200 even more so. The winning performances from the day were to be performed at the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre at a later date.

This sounds like a fun way to spend a day and raise funds, doesn't it? Whilst the current Yarra Valley Group does not have a Group Drama Secretary as existed 61 years ago, the CWA does offer opportunity for members interested in public speaking, singing and performance to get involved in such activities. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, why not speak to some of your local CWA members about it?

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